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The demand for human centered-centered design leaders and thinkers has grown exponentially as companies and organizations are challenged to positively transform their businesses products, and services. Now more than ever, effectively, and consistently meeting the needs of diverse users dictates market success and cultural approval. Today, cross-disciplinary collaborations driven by shared approaches to design research, thinking, and processes are the foundation of innovation and success.

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Course Listings
All courses listed below are three (3) credit hour courses, with the exception of ADES 5460, which is a six (6) credit hour course.

ADES 5410 | Foundations & Frameworks of Interaction Design
ADES 5420 | Human-Centered Interaction Design 1
ADES 5430 | Interaction Design MakerLab 1
ADES 5440 | Human-Centered Interaction Design 2
ADES 5450 | Data and Information Visualization
ADES 5460 | Interaction Design: Inception-to-Pitch Capstone Project

For those looking to develop their career and design leadership capacity, The University of North Texas’ MA in Design with a concentration in Interaction Design (IxD) can be the launch pad. The degree is designed to help individuals and organizations gain the skills, methods, and experiences needed to define meaningful, effective and successful human-centered products, services, and systems.

Whether you are looking to pivot your career, mature your organization, or define a product idea, the MA in IxD program can help you discover and achieve your future. The curriculum offers:

  • Flexible evening and weekend courses
  • Multidisciplinary classroom experiences
  • Interaction with industry experts
  • Real-world, hands-on projects

Explore our curriculum plan, course offerings, and workshop opportunities to see why the MA in IxD is a good fit for you or your organization.

MA in Interaction Design Curriculum Plan

Fall Semester
ADES 5410
Foundations & Frameworks of Interaction Design
ADES 5420
Human Centered IXD 1
ADES 5450
Data and Information Visualization and Design
Spring Semester
ADES 5430
Interaction Design MakerLab 01
ADES 5440
Human Centered IXD 2
Open slot for elective course*
Summer Semester
Open slot for elective course*
Open slot for elective course*
Fall Semester
ADES 5460
Interaction Design: Inception-to-Pitch Capstone Project
Elective course selected from partnered area of study*
Open slot for elective course*

* A minimum of three, three-semester-credit-hour (“3-SCH”) courses may be taken in UNT disciplines outside of the Design Department. Electives may include but are not limited to Anthropology, Computer Science, Information Technology and Decision Science, Technical Communications, Marketing and Logistics, Digital Retailing and Journalism. Taking courses in these areas may require securing permission from either the instructor of that course, or the Department within which that course is taught, or both; some of these courses may be team taught.